Welcome to Argyle Cottage!


Jill enjoys the simple things in life and creating with her own two hands. Whether she is rolling dough for a fresh seasonal pie or pulling out her old Singer, to stitch a quick throw pillow, she is happiest when she is making. Jill celebrates everyday life, showing people how you can take simple things and elevate them, to make everyday living joyful. However, not wanting to break the budget, she is resourceful and shops her stash to make the old feel fresh again.


Jill uses her background in design to showcase styled celebrations, easy handmade gifts and diy projects. In addition, a variety of kitchen adventures are documented to highlight seasonal foods and sweet treats.

At Argyle Cottage, we believe homemaking is something to be celebrated. Life can be busy and full of responsibilities, but mundane daily tasks can be done with style and grace. A creative life is never too far out of reach.


Thanks for stopping by!

Put on your apron and let’s make something!


{photographs courtesy of Kerry Renee Photography and Caitlin Sheffer Photography}


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