Green Goddess Dip

I’m always on the lookout for delicious healthy food. I typically have a sweet tooth and like salty snacks too. I don’t discriminate; I love all food!! But, my PCOS has been going through one of its cycles and I’m spiraling to curb the weight gain. I’ve set a goal to start focusing on nutrition…

Frozen Grapes

When I’m not drinking coffee, I’m probably sipping on a glass of wine. Since I can’t indulge everyday, I have to have a few nutritious options at the ready. Enter frozen grapes…almost like wine. These bad boys require little effort and make for a healthy snack. The addition of cinnamon makes them a bit festive….

Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Dried Cranberries

It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I actually tried Brussel sprouts. Something about those tiny cabbages didn’t sit well with me, but the older I get, the more adventurous I become with food. Roasting veggies is my favorite because the caramelization adds a wonderful sweetness to any variety of vegetables. Brussel sprouts pair…

Coffee Body Scrub

My morning ritual involves a nice cup of coffee. Sometimes I enjoy it hot and somedays I love it iced. Irregardless, coffee is always flowing. I used spent coffee grounds to make this delicious smelling body scrub. I’ve spent a bit of time at the pool this summer and my skin needs a good exfoliation….

Overnight Oats

Breakfast foods are some of my favorites. There is something comforting about them I suppose. Today, I am sharing one of my fave on the go breakfasts; overnight oats. Over the past few years this dish has become very popular and I’m glad to have it in my morning routine. It’s filling and super tasty….

My journey to healthy living

Today I want to share a personal journey with you. For the past two years I’ve been working toward a healthier lifestyle. In the spring of 2011 I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome- a female endocrine disorder that is the leading cause of infertility in women. Having PCOS puts you at a higher risk…

Pitaiyo {my first group class}

Over the past two years I’ve been on a fitness journey to a healthier me. I will go into more detail in a later post to explain what prompted me to focus on my mind, body and spirit. I’ve been taking private yoga lessons off and on for the past year, from my good friend…