Casual Rustic Cottage  {a peek into my design style}

Even as a child, I was thrilled to decorate my space. Rearranging my knick knacks and moving my furniture around was fun. The process was therapeutic and ever evolving. The first bedroom I can remember, had powder blue walls and my collection of mice figurines. I would gently take them off the shelves to play with them, as if they were dolls. Soon NKOTB posters covered the walls and shortly thereafter, we moved to a new home.

At this point, I decided I wanted to sponge paint my walls periwinkle and aqua- total 90’s tween. I even got a waterbed and vanity, these were the middle school years. When I reached high school, I traded in, for a full size bed and Caribbean blue walls. The Devon Sawa and Andrew Keegan posters came down and traded places with Kurt Cobain and Bob Marley. It’s funny how all these years later those rooms are burned into my memory.

Design has always been important to me. I want to be surrounded by things that matter. Whether they are family heirlooms or plain awesome finds- they have to hold some sort of relevance and make my space feel complete. Our homes should make us feel peaceful and comfortable.

Time worn pieces speak to me- they have a story and are imperfect. Distressed items have character and add texture to a space. If I had to describe my homes look, it would be “casual rustic cottage”. (I suppose it’s also know as farmhouse style.)

To achieve this look, I like to combine both new and old items. It helps to build a layered look. Built-ins are perfect for organizing collections and displaying favorite pieces.

A few of my favorite decor items are:

  • Wooden crates (To store art/crafting supplies, toys, linens)
  • Baskets (To neatly organize blankets, mail or toys)
  • Old Books (great for stacking to add height)
  • Galvanized Steel (whether a bucket to fill with ice when I’m entertaining or sculptural pieces- it adds rustic appeal.)
  • Burlap (lampshades, pillows, placemats- it adds natural texture to your space)
  • Natural elements (Fresh flowers, sea shells, pinecones, fruit)
  • Candles (freshen the space)
  • Glass jars (great vessels for storing like items)
  • Distressed furniture (adds character)

My husband is an artist and woodworker, so I’m very lucky to have lots of original art work and many handmade items. I think this helps to add originality to our space. He’s made license plate art, which is whimsical and rustic. He’s also created a lot of mixed media collages and metal work. It adds texture and color to our home and I love that they are all one of a kind pieces.

One thing I like to do when the house starts to feel stale, is “shop” our home and rearrange small decor items. It can help things feel new and it also, doesn’t break the budget.

What are some of your favorite design elements?

Thanks for reading! xo

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lovely pictures, although farmhouse isn’t really my style I really like what you do with it and in actually convinced to give this a go in our home. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment!! It’s so much fun to play with design, sometimes we surprise ourselves and our style evolves. I can’t wait to see what you do! 🙂

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