Library Books We Are Loving {Toddler Edition}

We are avid readers in my household. Our shelves are overflowing with many books. Since I’m off during the summers- we make many trips to our local library to find new reading material. I wanted to share a few new favorites that we have found.


First up, “Let’s Find Momo!” is an adorable find and seek board book. It’s perfect for small hands to manipulate and features nice bright photos. Momo, is the cute dog who you have to spot in the photographs. There are also everyday items to find, which is great for building vocabulary with little ones. We give this book two thumbs up!


Next, a lovely little story called “Chee-Kee: A Panda in Bearland” teaches the wonderful lesson of how we can embrace our differences and come together to create a more loving and better planet. I think the world needs more of that message. The watercolor illustrations are beautiful too. Definitely a worthy read!


Here we have a fun and interactive read titled “ABC Yoga”. This book teaches the alphabet and yoga poses. We love yoga in my home because it’s a perfect way to become strong and balanced; in both mind and body. The drawings are cute and I think this is a perfect book to pull out on quiet mornings. Another winner!


The last book I want to share is about seeds. “What Will Grow?” features gorgeous drawings of plants and animals. It has a few pages that fold out and create an even bigger view of the world. This is the perfect book since so many gardens are in bloom right now. It’s informative and imaginative and to me that’s a winning combination.


I recommend these titles if you are looking for some new books to jazz up story time. They are enjoyable for kids and adults alike.


What are some of your favorite books?

Thanks for reading! xo



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