Star Cookie Cutter Painting (Memorial Day Inspired)

One of the best parts of my day job is finding craft ideas to do with my students. The range of abilities in our classroom is vast and we find ways to adapt the projects so everyone can participate at their own level.


Since Memorial Day is on Monday, we wanted to try a few patriotic craft ideas. We used star cookie cutters to make cute paintings. The students layered the red, white and blue colors for an awesome Americana inspired art piece.


The great thing about doing art with young kids is they don’t critique themselves as hard as adults. They really have fun with the process and make some awesome art.

You only need a few supplies to create these star paintings. It’s supposed to continue to be rainy in my area and this activity will be great for indoor boredom busters.


  • Construction paper
  • Washable paint (blue, red and white)
  • Star cookie cutters
  • Paper plates
  • Newspaper (to keep your workspace neat)



1. Pour a bit of each paint color onto a paper plate.

2. Place construction paper onto newspaper.

3. Dip star cookie cutter into paint and make sure evenly coated. Then press onto paper and continue doing so with each color until you have a masterpiece you are happy with.

My students had a wonderful time doing this project. It required only a few materials, which we luckily already had on hand and was a great addition to our Memorial Day lesson.


Thanks for reading! Enjoy the long weekend. xo

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  1. So cool! And definitely creative!

    1. Thank you dear!! 🙂

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