Coffee Filter + Tissue Paper Flowers

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and this week my students have been working on a few crafts to give to the most important woman in their lives. I wanted each mom to feel special and since I don’t have the cash to send them flowers, we made some cute paper ones instead. A homemade gift is straight from the heart and a mom is sure to love something made by their child’s hands.


These are pretty simple to make and only require a few supplies. Older kids can certainly make these with little assistance. If your kids are small they will need adult guidance.

These paper flowers only take a couple minutes to make, so create a bunch and give them as a gorgeous bouquet to the special person in your life. (I’m thinking grandmas and aunts too!)


Supplies and Materials:

  • White coffee filters
  • Tissue paper in assorted colors
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Metal brads
  • Pipe cleaners (Green for stems)



1. Take a coffee filter and fold it in half 3 times. Using the pencil, mark a petal shape. Then cut on the line and unfold filter. (This is the outside of the flower)


2. Cut out a smaller circle from the tissue paper and follow the same steps as above to make the inner petals of the flower.


3. Cut out a couple leaves from green tissue paper.

4. Lay down the coffee filter flower, then layer the tissue paper flower on top and push the metal brad through the center to hold pieces together. (Push the brad flat on back side)


5. Glue the leaves on if you’d like. (Tape works too) You may also attatch a pipe cleaner as a stem. Just wrap one end around the back of the brad a couple times to secure it.

Put the flowers in a cute jar to serve as a vase and then it’s ready for giving. Kids love to be involved in crafting for special occasions. This project is perfect for a rainy afternoon.


I want to wish all the mom’s a Happy Mother’s Day. Thanks for reading! xo

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