Infused H2O

A goal I am always working toward, is to drink more water. If I’m being honest, I have no trouble sipping iced coffee or wine. Ha! I like water, but I can never consume enough.


I know water is vital to help our body stay hydrated and to function at its best. I am committed to getting back on the path of healthy living so I’m trying to spruce up plain water and make it more fun.

You can infuse water with many fruits and herbs to add flavor without adding many calories. This may be just the trick you need to hydrate more. The fruit adds a nice touch of flavor and as an added bonus makes your drink super pretty too.


Today I will share a few delicious fruit-infused water combinations.


  • Assorted fruits (make sure to wash and slice if necessary)
  • Herbs such as mint or basil
  • Water

Citrus, Cucumber and Mint:

-Slice a lemon, cucumber and grab a few sprigs of mint. Add a few of each item to a cup and top off with water. (Or fill up a big pitcher)


Strawberry & Lime:

-Slice a lime and a few strawberries and add a couple pieces to a glass and then fill up with water.


Orange & Blueberry:

– Slice an orange and add a few pieces to a cup along with a handful of blueberries.  Fill the glass with water.


*It only takes a few minutes for the flavors to meld together and add a touch of fruitiness to your water. Add ice to your water if you’d like to-it’s up to you.

Drink up and your body will thank you. These are also perfect served in large batches for a party and the fruit adds natural flavor and beautiful colors to the beverage.


Thanks for reading! xo

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