Pennant Party Garland

IMG_5153.JPGI’m back with the next party decoration project; the ever popular pennant garland. Paper crafts are fun because many are fairly easy and inexpensive. I know as a busy mom who works full time, I need a creative outlet that doesn’t take up too much time. Quick step projects are some of my faves for this very reason.

Paper garlands look great adorning a dessert table or hung off a mantle. They really add a festive touch to your gathering and that’s why I normally make one for my kids birthday parties.



  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Cardstock
  • Bakers twine
  • Tape


1. With the ruler and pencil mark 6 inch by 4 inch triangles onto your card stock.


2. Cut out the triangles


3. At this point you can either punch holes in the top corners of the triangles and thread the bakers twine through or you may opt to fold the paper over the string and glue. Another idea, is to use a grommet instead of a hole puncher for a different more polished finish.


4. Hang up your banner by placing  tape at the ends of the string.

Now you have an adorable garland to admire that only took a short amount of time to make and adds such a cute element to the party.


* I realized in the detail shot that one of my pennants (the pink horses) is upside down. It’s been a crazy long week dealing with a sick child, who had to be hospitalized and I’m not perfect, so I’m choosing grace over perfection. Taking a few minutes when I can (usually nap time) allows me to fulfill a desire to be creative and in turn produce content. It’s these little moments that bring happiness to my soul.

Thanks for reading! xo



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