My journey to healthy living

Today I want to share a personal journey with you. For the past two years I’ve been working toward a healthier lifestyle. In the spring of 2011 I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome- a female endocrine disorder that is the leading cause of infertility in women. Having PCOS puts you at a higher risk for developing diabetes, heart disease, endometrial cancer and high blood pressure if symptoms go untreated. My doctor explained that early diagnosis and treatment may reduce some of the risks and exercise, eating healthy and birth control can help to manage my symptoms. Fast forward a year and I still hadn’t taken the doctor’s advice. My annual appointment had come up and the nurse had me step on the scale- “202” she said out loud as if it were nothing. Those words hit me like a truck. I had always been thin, a long distance runner as a teen and even when I went to college and gained the freshman 15 I looked healthy. How did this weight creep on? Yes, part of it was the PCOS, and unhealthy junk foods, but I also believed the stressful desk job I had worked for almost five years was in a way responsible. It had turned me into a person I couldn’t stand: impatient, angry and hopeless. Thankfully, I had left that job six months prior to this doctor’s office epiphany.

After hearing my weight, something awakened inside of me. I wanted better for myself, my son and family. I was finally in a place where I wanted to live a positive and fulfilling life. I was ready to crawl out of the dark abyss and find a way to sparkle again.

I walked out of that office a new person, within two weeks I was doing a free week trial at a local gym and a little over two years later I am still a member. I have lost almost 70 pounds and have gained self love and confidence. Here are some tips that helped me achieve some of my fitness goals.


My top five healthier living tips:

  1. Make small changes. “Big change is little changes over time added up.”
    Quit soda, Drink more water- any reasonable goal.
  2. When it comes to food, use moderation. I love sweets, there is no way I could give them up, so I allow them in my life, just not all the time. If I do over eat or make less nutritious food choices I don’t beat myself up, I just do better the next day. It’s important to forgive yourself and move on, after all we are human.
  3. Do a physical activity that you enjoy- I love weight training and yoga. I need the gym to stay disciplined and on track, not everyone thrives in that environment. Play outside with your kids, join a sport, anything that gets you inspired to move more.
  4.  Long and steady works, not crash diets and quick fixes! Be patient with yourself and trust the process. Exercise and healthy eating work-they really are the only magic pill.
  5. Do it for you, that’s the only way to make a habit stick. We are accountable for our actions and are in control of our success. You have to want it for it to become a reality.


I am currently 3 pounds from the weight loss goal I set in 2012 and I couldn’t be more thrilled with what I have accomplished. I look forward to sharing more of my transformation pictures, meal plans and workouts and hopefully motivating others to push through difficult goals.


Keep striving for your best self!

xo. Jill


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