Pitaiyo {my first group class}

Over the past two years I’ve been on a fitness journey to a healthier me. I will go into more detail in a later post to explain what prompted me to focus on my mind, body and spirit. I’ve been taking private yoga lessons off and on for the past year, from my good friend Sarah. I am so thankful to have a weekly session with her to work on my balance and flexibility. She has been a wonderful teacher; supportive, motivating and patient with a beginner like me. In her studio I’ve learned to be kind to myself, go at my own pace and to thank my body for all the amazing things it’s capable of doing. Today, the two of us went to a local studio to try out a Pitaiyo class- a blend of Pilates, Tai Chi and Yoga. It’s always nice to try new things with a friend by your side.


The staff was friendly and inviting and offered infused water while we waited for the class to begin. They made us aware of essential info too. (Where to store personal items, the location of the bathroom and so forth). The instructor Elizabeth, was nice and upbeat and provided a laid back environment. This was a beginner level class and she offered modifications if a particular pose was too difficult and she made sure to provide some encouragement and move about the room so we all got a good visual of the flow.  I enjoyed the hour long class and felt my private yoga sessions had helped prepare me to feel comfortable and have some knowledge of the poses. I do wish the classroom were a bit bigger though, there were ten adults and I was in the corner so I couldn’t fully extend my right arm at times, making it difficult to keep my balance. The class was a positive experience and I’m glad I branched out to try it.


The studio also has a retail space that sells lifestyle apparel and accessories, along with aromatherapy products. I enjoyed all the positive affirmations throughout the space and liked the use of wood pallets for clothing racks. The leggings and tops come in an assortment of fun patterns (peacock feathers, the ever popular galaxy and sequin print). You will certainly find unique workout gear here and if you are into aromatherapy, they have a variety of sprays and oils. I liked that the instructor used a quick spray for each student at the beginning and ending of the class during the corpse pose (Savasana).


I really appreciate good design and when I walk into a well styled boutique or shop I can’t help but take photos. You can find inspiration everywhere and Pitaiyo was no different; from the lounge area decorated with a wall of antlers to the rustic displays throughout the shop I was smitten. I look forward to heading back to Pitaiyo for another class soon and perhaps a cute new outfit!

image imageimage

Thanks for reading.

xo. Jill


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