Farmers market fresh vol. 2

I didn’t make it to the market today! Hopefully you did and can share with me the haul you picked up. I had intentions of making a white sangria with the peaches I picked up last week, but they were so juicy and sweet, I devoured them as is. Do you have a favorite way to enjoy peaches? I’m all about pie, so I definitely enjoy a slice of peach pie. In the summer of 2012, I made peach ice cream and that was pretty amazing too. I will have to hunt for that recipe source to share because my son still asks about it.


During the summer I make a lot of fresh salsa. I had a small container garden at my home this year and grew Roma tomatoes and onions and made several batches, which never lasted long. Now that my plants are done producing, I’m glad to have the market because they have all the ingredients to make a flavorful salsa. This week I will share my recipe with you and it will hit the spot if you are craving chips and dip or serve as the perfect accompaniment to Taco Tuesday.


My favorite season (fall) is approaching quickly, so I was super excited to see apples at the farmers market last Saturday. The ginger golds are currently available and are the perfect apple for making fresh applesauce. If you see them at your local market snatch them up! Applesauce is a staple in my house since I have a young son, although I usually buy it in the pouches because it’s super convenient. When I do make applesauce, I use my crockpot and it makes the process quick and easy. You should totally give it a try!


I hope you are having a lovely weekend so far. Thanks for reading!

xo. Jill


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