Raffia wreath with dahlias

Today I will be sharing a tutorial on a DIY summer wreath. I was exploring a local craft store and hanging in the floral department was a picture of this wreath- instantly I was inspired to pick up the supplies and create this project. I am drawn to things with a natural vibe and this wreath has just the right amount of texture and simplicity. You can easily customize the colors of raffia to your aesthetic and although I used dahlias, feel free to pick the flower of your choice.


So let’s talk about the supplies and tools needed to complete this project.


  • Curly natural colored raffia (one large bag)
  • 3 small bundles of blue raffia
  • 16″ foam wreath
  • 3 dahlias (or flowers of your choice)



  • Glue gun
  • Glue stick
  • Floral pins



  1. Attach natural raffia to foam wreath with floral pin. (use about 8-10 strands at a time)
  2. Wrap raffia in a continuous direction around the foam wreath and secure with floral pins on back side of wreath. Cover 2/3 of wreath with natural raffia. (Trim any stray pieces of raffia)
  3. Cover remaining portion of wreath with blue raffia in same manner.
  4. Using glue gun, attach flowers to the wreath.

image image

This project can be a little messy and tedious, but it is easy to make and only takes about one hour to complete. This handmade wreath will add natural elegance to your home. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will try making a wreath for yourself or perhaps a friend. (These would make a lovely gift!)


xo. Jill



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